Septic System Installation:

– Order and install tank, chamber, pump, pipes, and all other necessary parts

– Gravel systems 

– Cover tank and field lines after inspection


Water Lines :

– Run water lines from the house to the meter

– Connect at house or shove under the house for new construction (sometimes)

– Generally use pex everywhere




– Build dirt up around the house 

– Fix rough spots, cover up tank, move trees

– Harley rake the yard to prepare it for seed and straw or just to make it smoother


– Layout basements with tapes and paint (according to house plans)

– Dig out dirt and evenly distribute it or pile it up

– Fill basement with gravel

– Dig footing inside basement if necessary


Trailer & Home Footings:

– Stake, layout, and paint footing out according to plans

– Dig out footing

– Install grade stakes and footing boards (if necessary)

– Pour concrete

Haul Gravel, Dirt, and Sand:

– Use dump truck to haul gravel, dirt, or sand to a job site

– Haul dirt off or on a job site 

– Use dump truck to move unnecessary objects from a job


Seed, Straw, and Rake:

– Use harley rake to smooth out yard and get rid of large rocks

– Use seeders to spread seed all over the yard

Use straw blower to provide good coverage

Yard Finishing:

– Use bobcat or dozer to finish grade a yard

– Rake/shovel around houses, tank lids, or any other objects within the yard

– Optional: Use harley rake to remove big rocks and provide a smooth surface

Road Building:

– Build up roads for houses with dirt or gravel

– Cut a new road on new land

– Fix an old road by adding dirt or gravel to existing layer


– Use dump truck to haul dirt, gravel, or sand

– Use dump truck to haul materials off site

– Use trucks to haul equipment

Electric Lines:

– Run 3″ and 1″ electric lines from house to light pole

– Install caution tape in the ditch

– Run string through the pipe for the electric company